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2017 Menus
I'm fairly certain I went up a pant size or 2 working on these.
by Chance graphics
My mission is to provide my clients with an enjoyable, professional, design experience, while doing so with enthusiasm and dedication. I create and design pieces that are successful, timely, and on-point with my clients objectives. Last, but certainly not least, I Absolutely Love What I Do! Catalogs, Magazines, Digests, Books, Booklets, Company Newsletters, Fundraising Material, Greeting Cards, Brochures, Direct Mail Pieces, Flyers, Posters, Signs, Logos, Menus, Color Correcting, Letterhead and Business Cards. You name it, I can design it. I would love the opportunity to work with you!
Graphic Design, Photography, Print Design
Hero cards, a branding book, product flyers and catalogs. These were all a blast to work on.
I really liked working on all the promo pieces. I like being able to incorporate things such as a die-cut for a return card or a tear away business card for the customer to keep with them.
Misc. Tri-fold Brochures, Magazines, Flyers, etc.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
These catalogs range between 32-44 pages. Some have inserts, some have a wrap, some have both.
Logo's and T-shirts
Area business logo and T-shirt Designs.
The Deacon Digest and Direct Mail Pieces
The Deacon Digest ranges from 32-64 pages and is printed 6 times a year.
Books, books and more books!!
Did someone say BOOKS????
Greeting Cards and More!
Greeting cards are a great way to get to use fun treatments like die-cutting, foil and embossing. I love when a customer wants to use one, or all of them.
More Catalogs!
It's exciting when I'm able to work with a client on a new line they are wanting to offer. Being involved from concept to the final finished piece(s) is always exciting. New logos, new catalogs, new books, oh my!
Uniform Catalogs/Pamphlets
I worked on the 2 catalogs, of which were printed twice a year, early in my career. Not only was I the designer but also the in-house photographer for most of the lay down photography. What a great experience this job was!
Uniform Flyers
I designed and laid out several of these flyers while working as a graphic designer/photographer for this uniform manufacturer
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